Hello, I'm Sophie and I just thought I would tell you a little bit about why I am doing this and what  Philosophie is about...

Life throws many things at us but somehow, mostly, we manage to pull through.  My brother sadly didn't and it was his death that made me take the scary step into being a shop keeper.  It has helped me deal with his loss and also helped me overcome the 'empty nest syndrome' now my children have left  home - my days are now always busy!

My basic philosophy is to make the most of and enjoy what you have in life, and however difficult try and see the silver lining to every cloud.  I am not here to make a fortune or to change the entire world, but I am here to make a difference to those I come into contact with and to try and make their day a little brighter.  To have a good experience when shopping and being welcomed is important to me, and being a little independent shop allows me to offer something a little different.   I really do care about my customers and that they feel they are important to me.   I sell a wide range of eclectic things, from 20p to a lot more, always with an eye on value for money, good craftsmanship and style. 

The shop has introduced me to so many wonderful people and connected me up to life again, so thank you if you have ever met me, or intend to do so one day!

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